Zagreb is my hometown. It is the capital of Croatia with the population around 800000 inhabitants. Thanks to its rich history and good geographical position there are a lot of things to see and photograph…


Medvednica, or how the locals call it by its highest peek – Sljeme, is a mountain north of the city. Due to its proximity to the city center and beautiful protected nature, it is a popular place for weekend recreation. There are a lot of cultural and natural heritage sites to visit, fine traditional dishes to try, great viewpoints to see… Go on a hike!


By the river

River Sava divides city in two parts – old and new Zagreb. It is a popular place among runners, joggers, cyclists and dog owners. By the river there are also interesting sculptures and buildings.

Winter wonderland in Maksimir

Maksimir is a protected park and forest in the middle of the town with romantic lakes, beautiful meadows and promenades. Within the park there is a Zoo.